06 February 2019

Organizational Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01

It should be noted that Agrotec S.p.A., with the resolution of the Board of Directors on January 15, 2018, the Company adopted its Organizational Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01.

Compliance with the Model, whose purpose is the identification of “virtuous” behaviors capable of preventing the commission of fraudulent crimes, such as, for example, corruption or crimes committed by the industry, are required, each for the part of their own competence, all those who work for the Company, be they Directors, managers, other employees, collaborators or consultants.

The text is made up of a General Section (containing the normative references), Special Section (relating to the prevention of “administrative” frauds), the Code of Ethics, the Disciplinary System and the Statute of the Supervisory Body.

The Code of Ethics and the Model (General Part) are available on the Company’s website www.agrotec-spe.net

With the aforementioned Board resolution of 15 January, the Supervisory Body was appointed, whose task is to monitor the functioning and observance of the Organizational Model and of the Code of Ethics adopted by the Company, in the person of the lawyer. Andrea Segato.

The Model provides that for direct communications to the Supervisory Body concerning the Model itself, it is possible to use the e-mail address dedicated to it odv@agrotec-spa.net

In order to guarantee maximum confidentiality, the Supervisory Body will put in place all possible actions in order to safeguard the protection of the anonymity right by those who made the reports.

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer