Agro-Industry, Marketing and Trade

Agricultural Marketing Distribution Channels Project

Scope of the project was to choose, organise and set up a total of six wholesale pilot markets, three for the trade of livestock and cereals, and three for fruit and vegetables. In particular: (i) identification of the most suitable legal form to be adopted by the new marketing organisation. (ii) assessment of the type of adaptation and restructuring necessary to make the buildings suitable for their new destination. (iii) formulation of possible solutions to the problems of collection of products from small farmers/peasants.(iv) Introduction of the most suitable way of marketing the products (auctions and/or other forms). (v) training the Romanian staff in management, auctioneering, clerical, computer and other office tasks, market duties and ancillary staff functions. (vi) organisation of study tours and visits to auction markets in Europe. (vii) formulation of work plans for management to up-grade their future operations from their own resources, including the preparation of dossiers for accessing to credit facilities available with the Banca Agricola. (viii ) advising on the relevance of duplicating the pilot projects in other areas. (ix) gathering and elaborating market data to be relayed with the national marketing information system due to be launched in the near future. (x) provision of some basic equipment for the running of the markets.

  • Country Romania
  • Starting date 1993
  • Completion date 1995
  • Amount € 1,950,000.00
  • Donors EU (European Union)