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ALBANIA – Annual Action Programme for Albania for the year 2020 IPA 042/914 – Monitoring for rabies vaccination – Phase IV

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the complete eradication of rabies from Albania and the Western Balkans. 


Project purpose: The purposes of this contract are as follows:  

  • ensure that implementation of the oral rabies vaccination is carried out in full compliance with international standards;
  • establish surveillance capacity for rabies. 


Key results: Results to be achieved are:  

  • The ORV vaccination is ensured and confirmed by the Contractor that is carried out in accordance with the technical requirements and proved by collected and analysed evidence through on-spot assessment of the performance and quality, 
  • The Albanian veterinary service is trained and able to conduct passive and active surveillance on rabies in line with the procedures.  

Project Manager: Phd Kastriot Koshaj

  • Country Albania
  • Starting date 2022
  • Completion date 2023
  • Amount 329 000.00 Euro
  • Donors EU (European Union)