Monitoring & Evaluation

Caribbean Agriculture & Fisheries Programme (CAFP) – Mid-Term Review of CAFP

Overall objective: to run an independent evaluation of the CAFP current status. In particular: i) to assess if the original CAFP objectives still match current needs and priorities of CARIFORUM members; ii) to appraise proposals of CAFP funds reallocations among the various CAFP sub-programmes; iii) to consider how time already elapsed and proposed reallocations affect the design of original sub-programmes and allow reaching the objectives of CAFP; iv) to evaluate the two sub-programmes already being implemented; v) to appraise the time scale within which the CAFP objectives are likely to be met; and vi) to make recommendations as to how CAFP’s original or revised objectives can be met within or before original CAFP time scale.

  • Country Trinidad And Tobago
  • Starting date 1999
  • Completion date 1999
  • Amount € 132,000.00
  • Donors EU (European Union)