Animal Health, Fisheries and Food Safety, Procurement

Design and Development of “Animal Identification and Registration System”

The overall objective of the project of this project is to provide an OTS (off the shelf) “Animal Identification and Registration Software” for the Republic of Azerbaijan upon a loan funded by the World Bank.

The specific objectives will be:

  • To customise and install the central database with database management and maintenance client programs.
  • To customize and implement a web application to allow entry and editing of data in the AIRS system, including the submission of bulk data files.
  • To develop a web application for producing routine reports in tabular form.
  • To develop an interface with a geographical information system (GIS) to allow information to be plotted on maps.
  • To integrate the AIRS system with other identified systems within the Azerbaijani government.
  • To implement web services to allow for other systems to integrate with the AIRS system.
  • To train six AIRS system managers in management and maintenance of the database, including the use of the SQL language to produce ad hoc reports and analyses.
  • To train ten trainers of headquarters and field staff in data entry and reporting procedures.
  • To provide manuals and standard operating procedures (SOP) for all aspects of database management, maintenance and use.

The results to be achieved by the Contractor regards the provision of OTS AIRS Software inclusive of training and maintenance

  • Country Azerbaijan
  • Starting date 2021
  • Completion date 2021
  • Amount 1 207 028 36
  • Donors WB (World Bank)