Agriculture and Rural Development

Development of Temperate Climate Fruit Crops (J & K, HP and UP States), Phase I & II

Planting of experimental orchards for the introduction of improved Italian species (citrus and deciduous fruit, olives) in the fruit producing hilly areas in all three States (15,000 plants on 140 plots, under different agro-climatic conditions). Planting of nurseries for the multiplication of fruit species and introduction of advanced technologies (six nurseries, with a capacity of 200,000 plants/year). Field demonstrations of fruit cultivation and nursery techniques, and industrial processing systems for fruit). Introduction of mechanisation equipment for horticultural crops and field demonstration of appropriate techniques. Creation of farmer associations for mechanisation services, equipment management and maintenance. On-the-job training, induction and procurement of literature and audio-visual material for the staff of the Directorates of Horticulture and the extension services in each State.

  • Country India
  • Starting date 1984
  • Completion date 1994
  • Amount € 6,000,000.00