Agriculture and Rural Development

EU request for services no.: 06mac01/12/007 – FYR Macedonia. sectors analysis on key agricultural products: fruits and vegetables

The main objective of the assignment is to contribute to the creation of the IPARD Agency and of the related IPARD Plan.The specific objectives of the project are to prepare a detailed and comprehensive sub-sector studies for the sector of fruit and vegetables. IPARD support will be targeting the weaker links and inefficiencies of the production and marketing chain with the objective of strengthening the overall performance and the sustainable development of the sector in an ED accession context. The sector analysis shall also take specific regional development needs into account. As far as policies and strategies are concerned, recommendations have to be based on economic and financial analysis, in order to show sustainability of the proposed policies, taking into account the real financial, material and human resources of the sectors. Considering that this assessment will constitute the basis for political decisions on IPARD support, MAFWE ownership of the studies must be ensured.

  • Country Macedonia [fyrom]
  • Starting date 2006
  • Completion date 2007
  • Amount € 54,000.00
  • Donors EU (European Union)