Agriculture and Rural Development

Evaluation of information and promotion programmes for agricultural products within the European Union

The Framework Contract provides for up to 6 individual evaluation studies, each of 4 to 6 months duration. The purpose of these evaluations is to make a critical analysis of the programmes implemented under Council Regulation (EC) 2826/2000 and the results obtained by the measures contained in these programmes. In particular, the specific objective is the evaluation of the impact in terms of effectiveness, efficiency, coherence, relevance, utility and quality of the communication and public awareness campaigns which are co-financed at EU level. These evaluations are intended to provide recommendations for discussions on community Policy for information and promotion activities in the various sectors concerned, on the selection of programmes and on the further development of the Regulations.

  • Country Belgium
  • Starting date 2005
  • Completion date 2008
  • Amount € 1,500,000.00
  • Donors EU (European Union)