Animal Health, Fisheries and Food Safety

Ex ante assessment of the Supply Tender Documents for the projects: “Development of work-linked training programmes and network in the North-East, South and island regions in Estonia”, and “Upgrade of clinical veterinary medicine in Estonia”.

The overall objective is to allow the EC Delegation to perform its ex ante control function for the above procurement and contribute to the timely procurement under project in line with Phare rules and procedures. Specific objectives: (i) to complete the full assessment of the Tender Documents of the named project including all changes to be made on the dossier; (ii) advice to the Task Manager and the Head of Delegation on the endorsement of the Tender Dossiers.

  • Country Estonia
  • Starting date 2004
  • Completion date 2004
  • Amount € 16,000.00
  • Donors EU (European Union)