Agriculture and Rural Development

Farm Income Diversification Programme (FIDP) Phase II

FIDP Phase II is an integrated programme that seeks to continue to address a number of issues already identified in the 1st phase of the programme and aims to achieve a sustainable improvement in the livelihoods of rural communities through diversifying farmers’ incomes. The expected results of the programme are: i) Natural resources are managed sustainably; ii) Post harvest storage and processing is improved, iii) Smallholder agriculture productivity is increased and diversified, iv) Agri-business is promoted, v) Capacities of FIDP communities, the MoAFS and other stakeholders are improved, vi) the social development of FIDP communities is enhanced, Coordination and knowledge management is improved.

  • Country Malawi
  • Starting date 2011
  • Completion date 2016
  • Amount € 3,278,000.00
  • Donors EU (European Union)