Agriculture and Rural Development

Farmer Income Diversification Project (FIDP) Lot Two: Programme Technical Aspects

The overall objective of FIDP, of which this contract is part, is to achieve a sustainable improvement in the livelihoods of rural communities through diversifying farmers’ incomes. The specific objectives of this long-term Technical Assistance contract are as follows: (i) to contribute to and ensure efficient and effective implementation of the programme through capacity building and provision of technical and operational assistance to the nationally managed programme coordination unit and collaborating institutions; (ii) to contribute to and facilitate achievement of increased food security and income levels of rural households, ensuring sustainable use of soil and water resources, and to facilitate business development, employment and improved marketing of agricultural produce.

  • Country Malawi
  • Starting date 2007
  • Completion date 2009
  • Amount € 1,384,000.00
  • Donors EU (European Union)