Environment and Energy

Feasibility study for the “Conservation and upgrading of the wetlands system in Puglia Region”

Main objective of the project is the identification of measures to improve biodiversity and to introduce sustainable econo-compatible activities in the Apulia wetlands. Main activities concern; (i) cognitive study of the environmental and territorial aspects in the Apulia wetlands; (ii) definition of the eventual lines of the project (biodiversity and wildlife management, fisheries, aquaculture, tourism); (iii) individuation of the socio-economic contest; (iv) identification and elaboration of projects in order to improve the environmental status of Apulia wetlands and to implement eco-compatible and sustainable activities; (v) evaluation of the financial, administrative, institutional and managerial sustainability; (vi) identification of eventual environmental impacts of the project’s activities.

  • Country Italy
  • Starting date 2001
  • Completion date 2002
  • Amount € 135,000.00
  • Donors Public Funding