Technical Assistance, Environment and Energy

GHANA – FWC SIEA 2018: Mole National Park Development and Management Plan (Request SIEA 2018-7549/1)

The Global Objective of the study is to elaborate a sustainable development plan for the Mole National Park, through a participatory and all-inclusive approach, that takes into account environmental, economic and social development of the park and surrounded communities.


The Specific Objectives of the study are the following:


  1. Use GIS technology to assess, identify and map digitally the main existing and needed infrastructures, cultural and historical sites for a proper sustainable development of the park.
  2. Conduct a survey to assess the level of participation and involvement of the communities in the environmental governance and enterprises development around the park.
  3. Identify business opportunities and actions for the touristic and economic development and promotion of the park, as well as financing support for the implementation of the actions.
  4. Propose the content and develop a Mole National Park Development Plan.
  • Country Ghana
  • Starting date 01/2022
  • Completion date 07/2022
  • Amount 123 940 00
  • Donors EU (European Union)