Agriculture and Rural Development

Kerala Horticulture Development Programme

Within the EC Framework Contract Lot 1, provision of a Participatory Technology Development / Extension Specialist for a total input of 8 months, whose main tasks are: (i) monitor and evaluate the field programmes, which are implemented in the framework of Participatory Research and Problem Solving; (ii) assist and monitor Programme Personnel (including field staff) in initiating and implementing the various steps in the process of Participatory Research in general and PTD; (iii) support the team in-charge of Participatory Research and Problem Solving in documenting processes and achievements, for information / training on different levels and for different target groups; (iv) encourage and assist the establishment of linkages with other Organisations involved in Participatory Research.

  • Country India
  • Starting date 2001
  • Completion date 2001
  • Amount € 133,000.00
  • Donors EU (European Union)