Scientific & Analytical Instrumentation, Procurement

Laboratory and office equipment for multiple locations in Africa FAO RFP/CSAPF/TCEDD/100124 PO Contracts for : Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Congo, Ghana

Supply of the following goods: 

Laboratory Equipment among which Peristaltic and Vacuum Pumps, Wall-Mounting Precision Thermometer, Temperature Logging Thermobutton , Digital Mustimeter, Calibrated Thermocouple Thermometer, High Performance Multifunction Calibrator, Power Inverter, Compound Binocular Microscope Fluorescence, Microscope Stereo Dissecting, Microscope Slide Dryer Microplate reader, Monochromator, Microdrop plate Spectrophotometer, Verification Plate, MIcroplate Washer Laboratory UPS Laboratory Refrigerator Laboratory Freezer Portable Digital ThermometerMicrobiological incubator, Standard analytical balance,  

Bench-top Refrigerated Centrifuge. Refrigerated Microcentrifuge Haematocrit Centrifuge Haematocrit Reader, Rocking Platform, PCR workstation, Laboratory Oven Autoclave. 

Office equipment among which: Laptops, Desktop Computers, webcam, printers with scanner photocopier and fax. Printer paper A4, External Hard drive, Locker Office Chairs Laboratory Chairs. 

  • Country Congo [republic]
  • Starting date 2018
  • Completion date 2019
  • Amount 313,042.26 €
  • Donors FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations)