Technical Assistance, Animal Health, Fisheries and Food Safety

LATIN AMERICA and the CARIBBEAN “Lessons from the field: Strategies for effective implementation of Climate Focused Projects and enhancement of Nutrition Benefits”

The Overall Objective of the assignment is to conduct necessary research to compile, generate and share knowledge regarding best practices and activities related to the successful implementation of selected IFAD climate change related projects (e.g., improving resilience of the beneficiaries). Furthermore, the services provided will support on identifying potential co-benefits and linkages between climate-focused activities and nutrition, as well as any other potential co-benefits arising from mainstreaming climate change, gender and youth.


The scope of the assignment involves conductive an exhaustive documental review and field research of seven IFAD climate focused projects in Latin America and Caribbean. A systematic approach to collecting, compiling and analyzing results to identify lessons learned and best practices would facilitate sharing of experience, improvement of current practices, and promote organizational learning regarding to IFAD’s climate focus projects.


The assignment will be structured around three main deliverables, which include: 1) Research paper 2) Peer-to-peer event and 3) Toolkit.

  • Country ACP Countries
  • Starting Date 2021
  • Completion Date 2022
  • Amount 165 750 00
  • Donors IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development)