Monitoring & Evaluation

Mid-Term Evaluation of 10th EDF Support to Non-State Actors – Environment Component

The mid-term evaluation, which has been foreseen in the Technical and Administrative Provisions of the project’s Financing Agreement, will provide the decision-makers in the different Institutions covered by the programme such as the contracting authority in the quality of European Union Delegation in Tanzania, the Non State Actors, the Local Government Authorities, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, Ministry of Land, Ministry of Fisheries and livestock development, and Prime Minister’s Office Regional Administration and Local Government with sufficient information to:
a. Make an overall independent assessment about the current performance of the project/ programme, paying particularly attention to the efficiency and effectiveness of the project actions against its objectives;
b. Make an overall assessment of the existing related legislations, policies and institutions in Tanzania, and their impact to existing projects under this programme.
c. Identify key lessons and to propose practical recommendations for follow-up actions.
d. On the basis of the issues studied in the assessment the mission team is expected to provide recommendations for any required modification to project scope in order to support effective implementation and the delivery of a sustainable benefit for the programme.

  • Country Tanzania
  • Starting date 2015
  • Completion date 2016
  • Amount € 80,000.00
  • Donors EU (European Union)