Agriculture and Rural Development

Mid-term evaluation of the SAPARD programme in the Czech Republic

The specific objectives of the mid-term evaluation are: i) to improve quality and relevance of the Programme and its implementation; ii) to identify relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of implemented SAPARD measures; iii) to review the ex-ante evaluation of the programme for its continued appropriateness; iv) to define adoptions in the programming which might occur in order to attain original objectives; v) to help in determining those parts of the Programme whose follow-up, either within the Programme or in the following programming period, would be beneficial; vi) to help adapt public financing of the measure of agriculture and rural development to the evolving situation in Czech Republic, i.e. mechanisms of deliveries and fund allocation.

  • Country Czech Republic
  • Starting date 2003
  • Completion date 2004
  • Amount € 300,000.00
  • Donors EU (European Union)