Animal Health, Fisheries and Food Safety

National Animal Identification Programme II

Within the EU Framework Contract Lot 1 – General objectives: to create an enabling environment for livestock production and preserve/enhance prospects for trade in live animals and products of animal origin; to assist in the implementation of the EU advocated stable to table concept, providing for full traceability of live animals and products of animal origin thereby ensuring food safety. Specific objectives: to complete and consolidate the establishment of an integrated animal identification, holding registration and movement control system for cattle in compliance with EU requirements; to prepare a concept for the expansion of animal I&R in FYR Macedonia to ovines and caprines; to prepare a concept to integrate or expand the I&R system with other information systems in the veterinary department (VD) and in MAFWE (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy).; to prepare tender documents for the implementation of the proposed I&R concept for sheep and goats, notably a supply tender for the proposed IT hard and software adaptations, system expansion/integration and relevant service contracts for provision of technical assistance, sheep and goat holding register, staff training etc.

  • Country Macedonia [fyrom]
  • Starting date 2004
  • Completion date 2004
  • Amount € 55,000.00
  • Donors EU (European Union)