Animal Health, Fisheries and Food Safety

National Animal Identification System Phase III

The overall objectives of the project is to improve national animal production and facilitate the export of live animals and products of animal origin and to facilitate the introduction of an EU-compliant food safety control system allowing a stable to table concept and full traceability of all animal movements. The specific objectives of this contract are as follows: (i) complete the establishment of an integrated animal identification, holding registration and movement control system for small ruminants, in compliance with EU requirements. (ii) prepare a concept for the expansion of animal I&R to porcines. (iii) continue to develop an integrated I&R and VIS with interfaces and components relevant to the MAFWE IT system including Food Safety software for both, veterinary and Food Agency inspectors.

  • Country Macedonia [fyrom]
  • Starting date 2007
  • Completion date 2009
  • Amount € 473,000.00