Monitoring & Evaluation

Pre-Completion Technical Evaluation Mission of the South and Central Kalimantan Production Forest Programme (SCKPFP) & Forest Liaison Bureau (FLB), ALA 95/18

Final technical review of SCKPFP and FLB and a critical evaluation of project implementation, its effective achievements, its overall situation and lessons learned for future projects. Evaluation of institutional and organisational setting as well as the main legislative framework of which the projects are operating. The results of this will provide input to improve future project planning and implementation. In particular, the mission provided a critical assessment of each project using the following aspects: (i) Relevance and quality of design of the projects; (ii) Efficiency of implementation to date; (iii) Effectiveness to date; (iv) Impact to date; (v) Potential sustainability; (vi) Lessons learned.

  • Country Indonesia
  • Starting date 2004
  • Completion date 2004
  • Amount € 156,000.00
  • Donors EU (European Union)