Animal Health, Fisheries and Food Safety

Prodesi Cluster Fishery Products Value Chain Development Study In Angola

The main objective of this assignment is to conduct in-depth analysis of selected marine clusters to identifying strengths and weaknesses of each supply chain; key business investors, private partners, associations or other linkages useful to doing business in these supply chains; key constraints and ways to overcome; gaps in forecasted regulatory targets and identification of compliance risks and strategies; key risks in contracting by primary and secondary markets; recommendations as to how highly ranked supply chains may be incorporated into the project activities to promote the production of high value fishery, value-added products, import substitution, and export. 

The study focuses on the fishery industry cluster of the following sectors:  salt production, fishery products, aquaculture products, associated naval construction and maintenance, and direct suppliers to fishery production. 

The areas covered by the study include the provinces of Luanda, Zaire, Bengo, Kwanza Sul, Benguela, and Namibe. 

Team composition:  Team Leader , Senior Trade Specialist, 6 sectoral experts on fisheries value chain. 

  • Country Angola
  • Starting date 2019
  • Completion date 2020
  • Amount € 513.975
  • Donors AfDB (African Development Bank)