Animal Health, Fisheries and Food Safety

Realisation of simulation exercises and other practical training and consultation tools regarding control and eradication of infectious animal diseases (FMD, CSF, BSE, ND, HPAI and viral fisheries diseases IHN/VHS), for employees of Polish veterinary administration and Veterinary Inspectorates

Specific objectives: (i) to strengthen the Polish veterinary administration capacity via improvement of Polish official veterinarians performance in the application of domestic & Community regulations concerning animal health control; (ii) to allow objective evaluation of Veterinary Inspection bodies readiness for tasks associated with combating contagious animal diseases for which contingency plan procedures have to be applied; (iii) to allow practical review of the assumptions concerning cooperation of the Veterinary Inspection at various levels with the services and institutions involved in the activities associated with combating of contagious animal diseases ( such as: FMD, CSF, BSE, ND, HPAI and viral fisheries diseases IHN/VHS); (iv) to allow the review of the existing procedures included in the contingency plans for combating contagious animal diseases; (v) to allow practical and theoretical training of the official veterinarians in the use of contingency plans in the case of a crisis; (vi) to allow preparation of the teaching audio/video materials and workshop documentation to be used for further education of the official veterinarians; (vii) capacity building and institutional strengthening; (viii) practical and theoretical training of official veterinarians, preparation of teaching materials and workshops, evaluation, improved awareness of veterinary regulations on animal health control; (ix) organisation and performance of training courses and simulation exercises at national and regional level for Veterinary Inspection employees.

  • Country Poland
  • Starting date 2007
  • Completion date 2008
  • Amount € 796,488.00
  • Donors EU (European Union)