Environment and Energy

Services for the creation of laboratories for actions to promote the enhancement of the environment, the traditions, and professions of local identity – Project S21

The service consisted in a project of territorial marketing for local development aimed at the enhancement and promotion of the Regional Park of Taburno Camposauro. Activities implemented: (i) press conference to launch the project; (ii) didactical laboratories; (iii) collection, cataloguing and creation of a data-base in off-line version on DVD and on-line version managed via the Web 2.0 tools; (iv) short film in traditional costume; (v) study tours for tour operators and specialist journalists; (vi) final event; (vii) communication campaign carried out through the main local, regional and national media (TV, radio and press).

  • Country Italy
  • Starting date 2008
  • Completion date 2008
  • Amount € 255,500.00
  • Donors Public Funding