Agriculture and Rural Development

Socio-economic Development Plan of the South Region of Monagas

The main objectives of the project are:
(i) modernization and institutional strengthening at municipal level, by providing support to the local administration basic services;
(ii) modernization and institutional strengthening at national level: improvement of the coordination of development policies, by starting up and supporting the Office for Economic Promotion of Monagas.
(iii) land use planning: promotion of sustainable development, taking into consideration the environmental and social variables.
(iv) strengthening of human resources, including the implementation of training activities, the support to social insertion and to employment opportunities, in order to allow the beneficiaries to be involved into the new economic activities and to exit from the process of poverty and social marginalisation;
(v) social development: improvement, in collaboration with Venezuelian NGOs, of the population’s living conditions.(as a member of the Consortium led by TYPSA Ingenieros Consultores y Arquitectos)

  • Country Venezuela
  • Starting date 2002
  • Completion date 2006
  • Amount € 1,675,000.00
  • Donors EU (European Union)