Agriculture and Rural Development

Strengthening of Agricultural Statistics and Policy Development Capacity – Project Preparation Study

Activities implemented amongst others comprise: (i) an assessment of the relevance of the proposed project ideas to address the problems identified in the agricultural sector; (ii) a detailed analysis of the technical, economic and financial, institutional and management, environmental and socio-cultural feasibility of the proposed projects; (iii) a detailed analysis of the potential sustainability of the project results; and (iv) a detailed plan which specifies indicators and sources of verification for project objectives, results and activities and incorporates required resources, the institutional structure required for project implementation, and stipulates responsibilities of various bodies, project timing/phasing, estimated costs and a logical framework planning matrix.

  • Country Kosovo
  • Starting date 2001
  • Completion date 2002
  • Amount € 61,000.00
  • Donors EU (European Union)