Agriculture and Rural Development

Study for the Establishment of Appropriate Technology for Rural Women Farmers

The study was a proposal describing and quantifying the activity, personnel, time and costs involved in the “Proyecto de Tecnologia Apropiada para la Mujer Campesina”. The proposal aimed, on the one hand, to extend to new communities the experience already acquired by C.I.M., and, on the other, fulfil a number of current deficiencies. The overall objective of the project was to empower women’s position, in Ecuador’s rural society, which is in great contrast to the volume of their functions. As such, the aim will be to guarantee that women can join in the decision-making process, at present the exclusive privilege of men.

  • Country Ecuador
  • Starting date 1988
  • Completion date 1988
  • Amount € 180,000.00
  • Donors MAE (Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs)