Scientific & Analytical Instrumentation, Procurement

Supply of laboratory equipment for testing and calibration laboratories in the Palestinian Standards Institute – EuropeAid/135646/DH/SUP/PS – Lot 1: Weighing Instruments

Detailed description of supply:

Supply of laboratory equipment including: 

Mass comparator(s), National mass reference, Susceptometer, certified Weights, Various Precision Balances, Weighing Tables, Pycnometer, Conductivity meters, Reference standards. 


Related services provided:

Supply, Delivery, unloading, Installation, start-up and commissioning, 

Technical assistance in configuring a mass reference laboratory; 

Assembling and installation of the equipment; 

Staff training 

Alter sales  


  • Country Palestine
  • Starting date 2014
  • Completion date 2015
  • Amount 482 149.88 €
  • Donors EU (European Union)