Animal Health, Fisheries and Food Safety

Support to the Fishery Sector in Serbia and Montenegro

The main objective of the project is to support Montenegro and Serbia in implementing priority actions proposed within its fishery strategy preparation and implementation of a strategy to develop the fisheries sector within the context of alignment with and enforcement of the EU Acquis. Tasks: (i) to strengthen legislation, institutions, laboratory capacity and industry standards to improve the health conditions of fisheries products in compliance with EU trade requirements; (ii) providing support for the creation of an administrative structures for a transitional adoption and implementation of the core Community Regulations on resource management, and structures; (iii) to design and implement delivery mechanisms to provide an enabling investment environment to the fisheries sector of Montenegro and Serbia

  • Country Montenegro
  • Starting date 2007
  • Completion date 2008
  • Amount € 1,079,118.00
  • Donors EU (European Union)