Agriculture and Rural Development

Technical Assistance for executive agency for vine and wine in Bulgaria

The TA project for EAVW support and institutional strengthening aims at general and specific improvement of EAVW in order to pave the way for the forthcoming final EU accession. The main development targets of the Technical Assistance project include: (i) ssustainable improvement of the market mechanisms in accordance with EC Regulations 1493/1999 and 1623/2000; (ii) introduction and/or consolidation of EU-compliant structural measures for the restructuring and conversion of vine variety plantations in line with EC Regulations 1493/1999 and 1227/2000; (iii) provision of comprehensive wine laboratory training for the most important wine quality restricting additives and residues; (iv) provision of laboratory training on the detection of frauds and wine adulterations; (v) Introduction of modern analytical methods for the control of non-permitted oenological practices; (vi) elaboration introduction of improved electronic datae xchange models. Other strengthening and improvement measures of EAVW going beyond the aforementioned activities will depend on the careful evaluation of EAVW by using the SWOT methodology.

  • Country Bulgaria
  • Starting date 2006
  • Completion date 2007
  • Amount € 562,500.00
  • Donors EU (European Union)