Animal Health, Fisheries and Food Safety, Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance in the Framework of the Project to Improve the Conditions of Maritime Fishing and the Sustainability of its management in Congo

The relocation of the industrial fishing port carried out within the framework of the PAPN investment plan must be accompanied by measures allowing Congo to regain a sustainable mode of exploitation of the fishery resources, which is the project’s main objective. More specifically, the project aims, in parallel with the construction of a new industrial fishing port within the PAPN enclosure, to strengthen capacities of the maritime fisheries administration to:

-improve the management of the future industrial fishing port;

– provide artisanal fishing concentrated on the Songolo site with the means for its integration into the national economy;

– ensure effectively and efficiently the basic functions in terms of monitoring, control and surveillance of the national fleet;

– monitor the development of fisheries via the collection and analysis of scientific data in order to be able to monitor the state of fisheries and ensure their       sustainability.

The expected results of the Project, as set out in the annexed logical framework, are as follows:

R.1 PAPN has efficient artisanal, industrial and artisanal fishing infrastructure;

R.2 Congo has a comprehensive “fisheries” regulatory body;

R.3 the fisheries administration has enhanced fisheries control and inspection capacities and is able to perform its functions;

R.4 the fisheries administration has statistical monitoring tools for monitoring and sustainable management of the fishery resource.

Description of Actual Services Provided by the Staff :

The consultant’s mission is to set up technical assistance (TA) which will be responsible for supporting the contracting authority in the management, coordination and implementation of the project to improve the conditions for fishing, maritime transport in Congo and the sustainability of its management. The services to be provided consist of: Appui administratif et financier (Elaboration du Manuel de procédures administratives, financières et comptables, entre autres)

·         Procurement support not included in the technical assistance contract

·         Support to the MAEP for the coordination and operational monitoring of the project

·         Improving the quality of controls, inspections and observations at sea and on land – component 3- A 6

·         Training of APRM agents in the operationalization of the VMS – component 3

·         Support to local administration – Component 5 – A14

·         Recruitment of ad hoc expertise: Technical expert in port management, Technical Legal Expert in Fisheries, Technical Expert in Statistics, Technical Expert Scientific advice.

  • Country Congo [republic]
  • Starting Date 2020
  • Completion Date 2024
  • Amount 1 634 531
  • Donors EU (European Union)