Agriculture and Rural Development, Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance Support to the Public Administration Reform process

The overall objective of this contract is to enhance the institutional and human resources capacity of the central and local public administrations to elaborate and implement evidence-based policy and to ensure the efficient and effective delivery of high quality administrative services in line with the European Principles of Public Administration. The purpose of this contract is: (i) to achieve successful horizontal public administration reform process in order to improve efficiency, effectiveness and accountability of public administration at central and local level; and (ii) to strengthen administrative capacity of Moldovan public administration to meet the requirements of the Association Agenda – especially in the context of further support to the development of the strategic framework for public administration reform, better policy-making, policy coordination, restructuring, and modernization of the administrative system.

  • Country Moldova
  • Starting date 2018
  • Completion date 2020
  • Amount 2 794,400. €
  • Donors EU (European Union)