Animal Health, Fisheries and Food Safety

Technical Assistance to support the legal and institutional alignment of the Fisheries Sector to the EU Acquis

The specific objective of this contract is to deliver the necessary Technical Assistance to MARA to establish a Fisheries Monitoring Centre and Fisheries Information system as well as Common Market Organisation designs. The contract also includes issues of training of the staff to be assigned for the Fisheries Monitoring and Information Systems. Besides these, the TA contract will contribute significantly to the other element of the pre-accession project and work closely with the twinning team members, where necessary. The project gives particular focus on the following issues: (i) organisation of a Fisheries Policy & Planning Unit, Elaboration and drawn up a Sector Strategy and a Sector Plan based, Developing of five communication strategies for the stakeholder participation and for improving the public awareness on the CCRM, COM and FIS issues and Supervise the construction/erection of 30 prefabricated cabins; (ii) development and implementation of a computerised fisheries information system containing the following subsystems in compliance with current relevant EC legislation: Fishing Vessel Register, Fisherman and Vessel Licences, Logbook and landing declaration system, Sales notes and take over declaration information system, Transport document system, Foreign landing declaration system, System for licensing first buyer, Quota system, Surveillance system, Enforcement Information system, System for reporting and statistical output; (iii) sector management, including conservation, inspection and control, resource management and structural adjustment practices; (iv) common Market Organisations and Producer Organisations, adoption of market standards (including quality control) and design of a structure for handling interventions.

  • Country Turkey
  • Starting date 2006
  • Completion date 2007
  • Amount € 2,115,000.00
  • Donors EU (European Union)