Educational, Procurement

UGANDA – Supply, Installation, Training of Users and Commissioning of Laboratory and Agricultural Workshop Equipment of Accessories for BUKALASA, Agriculture College (BAC) RWENTANGA Farm Institute, KABERAMAIDO Technical Institute (KTI) and SSESE Farm Insititute (SFI) -LOT 2 Laboratory Equipement formally BASIC CROP and SOIL SCIENCE Equipement

Description of Goods:


Quantity 14:Aluminium dishes               Quantity 20 :Nickel crucibles             Quantity 06: pH meter

Quantity 07: Centrifuges                          Quantity 08: Incubators                      Quantity 07: Autoclaves 40 CA

Quantity 07: Autoclaves 75L                   Quantity 13: Microwaves                    Quantity 10: Water Baths

Quantity 04: Water distillation systems                                                                 Quantity 01: Vitamin/Mineral Analyzers

Quantity 10: Cooking gas set                 Quantity 02: Atomic Absorption Spectrometers

Quantity 02: Power Washers                  Quantity 06:Automatic Pipettes          Quantity 06: EC meter

Quantity 02: Block Digester with digesting tubes                                                Quantity 02: Electron Microscopes

Quantity 03: Hygrometeres                    Quantity 11: Infra red Thermometers



Project Manager : Giancarlo Andreella

  • Country Uganda
  • Starting date 2021
  • Completion date 2023
  • Amount 889 421.32 Euro
  • Donors WB (World Bank)