Environment and Energy

Update of the knowledge relative to the fauna present in the sites of the European network Natura 2001

The service consists in the realization of studies on the presence of the fauna of community and local conservation interest in 18 sites of Community importance in the territory of the Marche Region, as a cognitive base for the realization of the Management Plans of the sites. The results of this research will be integrated in the process of elaboration of the regional ecological network. Types of provided services: Faunal Monitoring of Fishes, Amphibians, Reptiles, Mammals (included the Chiropteran),•Evaluation of the species distribution and their state of conservation, Identification of possible threats and troubles, Definition of management measures and proposal of possible actions of mitigation, Creation of a database GIS, Elaboration of the data to integrate in the future management plans of the sites Natura 2000 and in the regional ecological network project.

  • Country Italy
  • Starting date 2006
  • Completion date 2007
  • Amount € 85,000.00
  • Donors MAE (Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs)