Agriculture and Rural Development

Vocational training of the employees of institutions involved in the implementation of rural development support measures within the framework of Guidance Section of the EAGGF

The project aims at enlarging and developing the institutional potential of the institutions involved in measures of the Sectoral Operational Programme “Restructuring and Modernisation of the Food Sector and Rural Development” (financed from EAGGF). The project foresees trainings ARMA, FAPA, Marshall Offices and Agricultural Advisory Centres on the following issues relating to EAGGF implementation: 1) programming, management, monitoring and evaluation, 2) financing and accounting, financial reporting, detection of frauds, 3) control over performance of investments, project evaluation, fraud detection, audit and control of structural funds, 4) management and strategic analysis of institutions, analysis and evaluation of the use of funds intended for rural development. Additionally it will support the ARMA in training and information campaign strategy drafting and will cover the following isses: 1) presentation of techniques for preparation of publication, presentations, folders and conducting press conferences and seminars, 2) techniques of marketing, strategic analysis and public relations.

  • Country Poland
  • Starting date 2005
  • Completion date 2007
  • Amount € 466,000.00
  • Donors EU (European Union)