Animal Health, Fisheries and Food Safety

Since its establishment in 1969, AGT is mainly involved in strengthening and developing animal health and livestock sectors, by improving farmers’ livelihoods through better provision of livestock and veterinary services.

AGT has been actively involved in livestock production, livestock information systems, such as epidemiological surveillance, as well as in the implementation and setting up of bovine and small ruminants identification and registration.

In fisheries and aquacultureAGT has gradually become a leading consultancy, focusing on fishery management strategies and alignment with EU Acquis as well on governance, stock assessment, MCS, artisanal fisheries and aquaculture, fish industry and trade, as well as aspects of coastal management.

Overarching the above livestock and fishery sectors, as well as the phytosanitary sector, in recent years, AGT  has implemented numerous projects to improve food safety and quality standards, for the benefit of consumers and the agriculture and food sectors, and in line with the EU food and feed safety system based on an enabling legal framework, reinforcing the capacity of the beneficiary institutions.

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