Within our fields of action, and due to the presence in various countries throughout the world, We have established since 1998 a network of producers and consumers of commodities and raw materials that may meet each other’s requirements and needs through a virtual market network, where supply may meet demand and vice versa.


We follow international markets on a daily basis, from Chicago to Singapore, from London and Paris to Buenos Aires and Cape Town, We keep a constant follow up of commodity markets, raw materials, energy, freights and exchange rates in order to be able to provide the best and most accurate information needed to each one of our customers in real time.


We provide full scale advise on international contractual terms, on Incoterms, or U.S. Contracts or European contracts for all commodities. We provide freight rates and conditions for international transportation, from bulk to container transport, and also for the international insurance services requested by the operators in the market.


The above specialism is supported by also a wide experience of AGT in the supply a fully functional and efficient terminal for the unloading of food commodities , their correct transport and manipulation for the accommodation into storage silos and warehouses, the forwarding to process plants, bagging, bottling and packaging plants and the final redelivery for internal consumption.

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