Food Processing

AGT thanks for its 20 years of experience in the field of commodities has acquired a vast experience in the food sector, both in terms of technical assistance services as well as supply of equipment, involving the whole process flow of commodities from origin to destination, through transport, handling process and bagging/packaging and delivering. The ability to make a proper design of the facilities ensures from a practical point of view the functionality and efficiency of the systems operated, and from another one the highest hygiene applied to the food chain.


In order to ensure safe food and adequate conservation programs, the facilities and surroundings where food processing and handling operations are conducted must be designed and constructed according to sound sanitary design principles, and best industry practice standards.






We hold a wide networks of manufacturers to the highest standards for quality. We are able to offer the right equipment and plants of different size (including pilot industrial plants for wine and fruit juice production) and a pool of skilled staff able to provide the technical support needed and with a deep knowledge of ever-changing industry standards and regulations.

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