08 June 2022

WORLD OCEAN DAY -”Revitalisation: Collective Action for the Ocean”

AGT S.p.A is proud to join the celebration of World Ocean Day (2022), which on 8th June, serves as a reminder of the Ocean’s role in everyone’s lives. This year’s theme is Revitalisation: Collective Action for the Ocean”, which reminds us that the health of the Ocean will ultimately affect everyone on the planet.


This theme continues to encourage global collaboration of action that will restore the Ocean’s vibrancy and bring new life, rather than continue a route of disruption of natural balance and depletion of critical aquatic resources.


AGT S.p.A continues to commit to work in the ocean sector, through its recent fisheries projects that are formulated with the knowledge that approximately 34% of ocean fish populations are overexploited globally (according to the UN), which coupled with the livelihoods affected by such depletion of fish stocks, evolves into many project contributions at all levels of the network of fisheries value chains and stakeholder ecosystems and helps to ensures connectivity and sustainable approaches to the ocean sector.


AGT S.p.A projects provide technical assistance to regional fisheries bodies and national authorities, where we help to enhance governance and management capacity that improves policy coordination and provides direct actions through training and technological solutions for improved fisheries stock assessments and monitoring. Projects, notably in West Africa (ECOWAS), the Indian Ocean and East Africa (with IOC), Europe (Turkey and others), we have recently supported improved stock assessment and monitoring control and surveillance (MCS) for these fisheries areas, as well as projects that move upstream to the larger ocean environment by supporting biodiversity and ecosystem approaches to ocean management as well as start to address the potential impacts of climate change.


Through these small but focused contributions, we wish everyone a product World Ocean Day and continue our commitment to supporting the future.