23 June 2021

ETHIOPIA -Custom-made pH Primary Measurement System

AGT SpA is proud to say that we have shipped a Custom-made pH Primary Measurement System to the National Metrology Institute of Ethiopia (NMIE), who received funds from the World bank via the Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia.


The only method that meets the strict criteria of a primary measurement method[1]for pH measurement is based on the Harned cell (Cell I, as defined by IUPAC [2]). This method, widely developed by R.G. Bates [3] and collaborators in the NBS (later NIST), has been adopted in national metrological institutes around the world, also previously supplied and installed by AGT at the Guatemalan National Metrology Center.


We thank our manufacturer Fulltech Srl and our consultant Mr. Adrian Reyes del Valle specialized in this field, who will go to Ethiopia to install and train the Staff of NMIE, you will soon hear from us again with future updates.