21 April 2021


We are glad to announce that AGT International’s contract in Tajikistan has been successfully concluded.

Last week, after the expiration of one year warranty, the FAC (Final Acceptance Certificate) was signed certifying the closure of the actions envisaged by the “Supply of equipment for general education and Initial Vocational Education and Training (IVET) for training centres in Tajikistan “.  With funding of just over one million euros, the European Union has organized, through AGT International, professional training courses in six high schools around the country: Dushanbe, Dakhana, Kulob, Kanibadam, Levakand, Khujand.


The goal was to prepare young people to professions as welder, electrician, turner and mechanic. The activity of AGT International was oriented towards the acquisition of specialized machines for these four types of professions and the training of teachers who in the future, will be able to train young people in the use of these machines and therefore the development of specific skills for these professions.


Many initiatives have been undertaken for the training of future Tajik craftsmen: both quality equipment and thorough training have been delivered.


Just to give you an idea, here below a partial list of the delivered equipment for the four formative paths:

  • Profession Turner: Vertical Drilling and milling machine, Radial Drilling Machine, Small CNC Lathe, Milling table machine, Metal band saw, Rough grinding machine, Workbench with vice for metal works
  • Profession Gas- Electro Welder: Arc Welding Station, Inverter Arc Welding Machine, Arc Welding machine (portable), Gas Cutting + Welding Set (Oxy Acetylene) Electric hand angle grinder, Welding Station (MMA – TIG)
  • Profession Electrician: Electrical Installation Training System/Set, Electrical Safety, Set of educational equipment; Theory of Electrical Circuits, Set of educational equipment Installation and Adjustment of Electrical Installations
  • Profession Auto Mechanic: two Post hydraulic Lift 4,5t, Engine cutaway model, Car chassis training stand, Car engine control system training board, Automotive educational engine model with petrol injection system.


The EU investment has been targeted to the professional development of young technicians in Tajikistan, to broaden the awareness of new technology and specialized equipment in the above mentioned technical fields. In the attached pictures the training for welders and turners in Levaland lyceum: all together, our trainers, the Head of Procurement AGT Nicolò Papa and the Tajik professors who are celebrating the successfully implementation. A special thanks to our main suppliers of this contract: Autoedu and Devco.