17 January 2018

Uganda – Technical Assistance for the Support to Promoting Commercial Aquaculture Project in Uganda (EuropeAid/138473/DH/SER/UG)

Combining long term experience in international development projects and strong technical expertise in aquaculture, partners will carry out a 50 months project to provide technical assistance for the development of a competitive, job-intensive, environmentally-sustainable and climate-resilient aquaculture value chain in Uganda. To unlock the great freshwater aquaculture development potential of the country, the project will work together with various aquaculture stakeholders in the country. Working with governmental bodies, private sector, academia and civil society, the project will create a sound policy and regulatory framework to ensure a base for sustainable aquaculture development. This legal and governance framework will also reflect on the needs of the various groups of the production sector, where the project will enhance the production volume and productivity by promoting new and locally-developed, environmentally sustainable technologies. Using a holistic approach identifying gaps and possibilities along the whole value chain, the experienced team of the project will also deliver solutions to reduce post-harvest losses and will increase the marketing opportunities for aquaculture products. To ensure the long term socio-economic sustainability of the project outcomes, a special emphasis will be given on the capacity building and training actions, as well as encouraging investments in the aquaculture sector.

The project started in September 2017 with initial stages emphasising the update of baseline data for the sector in Uganda and preparing detailed work plans for the project’s implementation of the coming months.