05 July 2024

ZAMBIA: **Zambia Aquaculture Project** and **Land Governance and Management Systems Project**

🌍 **On the Ground in Zambia!** 🇿🇲

Our team is currently in Zambia to follow up on two pivotal initiatives: the **Zambia Aquaculture Project** and the **Land Governance and Management Systems Project**.


We’re attending the Project Steering Committee (PSC) meeting for the Land Governance and Management Systems Project, which plays a crucial role in enhancing land administration and supporting sustainable development.


In addition, we have lined up several strategic meetings with the European Union Delegation (EUD), the National Authorizing Office (NAO), and the Ministries. These discussions are vital for aligning our efforts and driving forward these transformative projects.


Stay tuned for more updates on our progress and the positive impacts we’re making together in Zambia!


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