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UZBEKISTAN – “Climate Resilient Livestock Development Project”

AGT SpA has signed a contract with the Asian Development Bank for the preparation of the “Climate Resilient Livestock Development Project” in Uzbekistan.


The project aims to improve on-farm productivity and climate resiliency of the livestock subsector in Uzbekistan. The project’s outputs are:


Output 1: Regenerative pasture and supplementary feed base made climate resilient.

Output 2: climate-smart husbandry and veterinary services strengthened.

Output 3: finance to livestock sector extended and climate-sensitized.


AGT SpA, in association with the Uzbek company Alfa-Line (Encompass) have been recruited for the preparation of the national feasibility study and assist the executing agency in securing national feasibility study’s approval from the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Ministry of Investment, Industry, and Trade.


Project regions include Samarkand, Qashqadaryo, Navoi, and Republic of Karakalpakstan.



  • Country Uzbekistan
  • Starting date 05/2024
  • Completion date 10/2024
  • Amount 636 000 00 $
  • Donors AsDB (Asian Development Bank)