Agriculture and Rural Development

Integrated Development Project for Agricultural Areas

The objective of the project was to draw up an agricultural and livestock development programme for the North- East of Benoué River region; and engineering designs of infrastructures required for the resettlement of rural populations and the development of agricultural production in selected areas. In this connection, an assessment was made of the region’s resources, i.e., water, soils, livestock, population, infrastructures and markets, and comprehensive on-farm surveys were undertaken to determine the cropping patterns and crop and animal husbandry methods to be adopted, as well as mechanisation requirements, yields and revenues. A detailed hydrological study was carried out on the Mayo Kebi Basin to identify works required for the improvement of the road network.

  • Country Cameroon
  • Starting date 1970
  • Completion date 1971
  • Amount € 40,000.00
  • Donors EU (European Union)