Agriculture and Rural Development, Animal Health, Fisheries and Food Safety

Carrying out selected sectoral analysis as a solid ground for the preparation of IPARD III programme and of Strategy for Agriculture, Rural Development and Fishery 2021-2027

The main role of the Contractor is to produce knowledge base for decision-makers, jointly with MARD officers involved in continuous inter-action with top-level officers in key ministry functions (Cabinet of Minister, ma (Management Authority), Directory of Programming and Evaluation of Rural Policies ) and in other partner institutions: ARDA, NFA, MTE and other GIZ teams, especially those working in the same TC. This approach will ensure co-leadership (MARD, C-team) for production of knowledge base to be used for MARD strategy design (SARDF 2021-27) and will enable MA to design sensible IPARD III Measures, really targeted to stakeholders needs. Active involvement of MARD officers and sector stakeholders in the whole process of knowledge production will ensure ownership of contents. The process itself will represent an important coaching exercise for involved MARD human resources, specially but not exclusively, ma officers. Widening the active involvement of officers from different directorates and bodies into the process will multiply the training and coaching function of the C-team and will represent a measure to cope with potential challenges regarding availability/mandate of MARD  staff, turnover or changes of staff assigned to TWGs.


  • Country Albania
  • Starting date 2020
  • Completion date 2021
  • Amount 191.710,00 €
  • Donors GIZ